The Daily Express on Thursday 15 October 2009.

By | October 26, 2009

The Institute of Energy Assessors (IDEA) has received many letters and emails, from our members, commenting on the “Assess your options” article that appeared in The Daily Express on Thursday 15 October 2009.

Our members have already been let down by this government and wish to stop even more people wasting their money on a “promise” of work and high earnings made by training companies (1), who are well aware that there are too many assessors already. (2)

IDEA has now collated these comments from our membership and wish to give the Institute’s official response to that article.

The Institute find this article to be misleading on the following counts;

“The need for all homes sold or let in England and Wales to have an energy performance certificate (EPC) has created vacancies for thousands of specialist assessors”

This is very misleading to the general public.

The government have stated that 3000 Energy Assessors are required to cover England and Wales. There are already over 13000 qualified assessors available.


The institute are of the opinion that this heading portrays a “suggestion” of a demand for the skills of an Energy Assessor and so employment. The only mention of demand in this paragraph is that it “Would not demand too much” of Ms Walsh’s time.

Picture of clip board.

The picture within the article contains the wording “NEW ROLE: Energy assessors”

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate has been required by law since 2007.

Therefore the role of Domestic Energy Assessor is not new.

The Institute find this article to be inaccurate on the following counts;

“Assessors can acquire further skills to become home inspectors, drawing up home improvement packs (HIPs)”

HIPs stands for Home Information Packs, not Home Improvement Packs.

Home inspectors do not draw up HIPs as part of that qualification.

In summary.

The Institute of Energy Assessors find that the article to be misleading and inaccurate. The Institute also feels there was a failure to clearly define the difference between the Domestic Assessor and Non Domestic Energy Assessor.

IDEA have written to the Daily Express expressing the Institute’s concerns over the article. We will await the Editors reply before deciding on IDEA’s next course of action.
Furthermore, IDEA is actively promoting the following advice:

“People considering a career as an Energy Assessor should investigate the current and future demand for energy assessments. Further information can be found at;


IDEA have recived notification that the editor has seen our letter. We await the reply from The Daily Express. As at 26 Oct 09.


(1) Elmhurst-Annual Report December 2008.
Domestic EPC. (Per Year).
Total number of Lodgements: 372,901
Average number per assessor: 97.5
Median number per assessor: 32

(2) NHER-Annual Report December 2008.
“Applications for the DEA scheme were
extremely high in the first year of trading, this has gradually reduced over the past 12 months as the market has matured and there are fewer applicants being attracted to the domestic schemes due to the high number of
accredited assessors already in the market”.