Investing In Renewable Energy: A Viable Opportunity?

The renewable energy sector has been gaining the attention of the investment community in recent years. Following the trend, players both big and small are investing in renewable energy by buying stakes in existing companies or by starting their own businesses in the sector. According to a recent report by Private Equity International (‘The 2016… Read More »

Government Energy Policy Fails Rural Landlords

The new energy policy from the UK Government is failing older properties in the British countryside by issuing inaccurate information to homeowners. From the 1st April 2018 it will be illegal for private landlords to rent out properties with an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating lower than E to a new tenant. From the 1st April 2020… Read More »

New UK energy policy failing landlords of rural homes built before 1919

The UK Government’s energy policy is failing older houses across the British countryside by giving home owners inaccurate information and encouraging damaging retrofits on homes built before 1919, it is claimed. From 01 April 2018 it will be illegal for a private landlord to let a property with an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating lower… Read More »

Panels Boss Admits Trading Offences

Panels boss Christopher Whatcott has changed his pleas and admitted three offence of engaging in unfair commercial practices at the start of the fifth day of what had been expected to be a trial lasting up to five weeks. The Hertfordshire Trading Standards prosecution commenced on Monday (30 January) before Judge Carroll at St Albans… Read More »

IDEA Annual Conference 2017

After last years successful event we are planning another day of inspiration again this year. The venue last year proved to be very popular with all those who attended, so we have confirmed the booking on the 23rd October with St Andrews Stadium in Birmingham again for this years event. The Event Bright page is now live… Read More »

Changes to Panels Boss Trial Dates

Changes have been made to the dates for the Crown Court trial of EPC panels boss Christopher Whatcott on fraud and unfair trading charges, which was extended in length some months ago due to more witnesses being called. Source: Energy Assessor Magazine

Assessors Still Vital in New GD

The new Green Deal will operate in the same way as the scheme scrapped in 2015, with Green Deal Advisers continuing to play a vital part. Source: Energy Assessor Magazine