What are the benefits of IDEA membership?

IDEA membership offers professional opportunities around the UK and provides a competitive advantage for individuals either already working in the property and construction sectors or for new entrants in the profession.

Representation: IDEA Committee members are your representatives on various Government and non Governmental forums/committees. Committee members are currently on the EPBD forum, CLG forums, DECC forums and have recently been asked to be on the new Green Deal Oversight & Regulation Body (GD-ORB) representing Assessors. We are also working with Summit Skills/Asset Skills on the Traditional Buildings Working Group (TBWG) in formulating further qualifications for Green Deal. We deal with member issues with all Accreditation Schemes.

A competitive edge: An IDEA qualification enables you to win more business from both the private and commercial sector as the Standards set by IDEA for membership stand you apart from others within the profession.

Status and profile: An IDEA designation gives you recognition from clients and peers, increasing your status and profile in a highly competitive industry.

Professional standards: IDEA membership is only awarded to those who meet and agree to maintain the most rigorous practice standards and professional conduct – our members’ advice is held in the highest regard and attracts professional fees to mirror that.

Quality Assurance: IDEA membership is a valuable asset demonstrating that you adhere to the highest professional standards.

Professional knowledge and information: Access the UK’s online property and construction information, together with professional and technical guidance, market insight and industry research, regular news updates, events and highest quality CPD training.

Benefits to business: The value of IDEA to business is commercial advantage. IDEA qualification offers quality assurance to the market which provides your business with a competitive edge. Investment in professional development also ensures that your operation is always up to date with the latest changes.

Website Marketing: Membership includes a free listing onto the successful ‘Find a Assessor’ website along with opportunities to promote your business within other IDEA website pages.