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In Great Britain the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 introduced requirements on equipment operators containing Fgases (HCFCs) to carry out regular inspections. In addition, an Fgas register detailing all equipment and quantities of refrigerants used during installation, service and maintenance must be kept on site. This statutory instrument prescribes offences and penalties applicable to companies that fail to act in accordance with the regulation. The regulation also details the qualification requirements for engineers working on FGas systems.

Key facts:

  • From 4th July 2011 all engineers carrying out service, maintenance or installation of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems containing refrigerants covered by the FGas regulations need to hold a current Fgas qualification (C&G 2079 or similar).
  • System Operators are required to ensure that equipment is regularly inspected in accordance with the regulations (system charge of 3kg or more).
  • System Operators should maintain detail records covering all Fgas equipment installed. Records should detail quantities and type of Fgas used.
  • System Operators should ensure that any refrigerant leaks are repaired and tested as soon as possible and that records are kept detailing the repair and quantity of refrigerant used.
  • Systems with a refrigerant charge over 300 kg are required to be monitored by a fixed leak detection system.

The Fgas regulations were introduced as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive aimed at promoting the improvement of the energy performance of buildings within the European Union. The EPBD was designed to reduce global warming as well as conserving fossil fuels. Fgas refrigerants have a large Global Warming Potential (GWP), some refrigerant gases also damage the ozone layer if released to atmosphere. The management and handling of Fgas refrigerants is subject to specific legislation (Fgas regulations) that require system operators to take positive action to ensure that the regulations are followed by all site operatives.