About floorplansUsketch:

floorplansUsketch is a DIY floor plan and photo editing application used by energy assessors, estate agents and private individuals throughout the UK and overseas who require an efficient and cost-effective solution for producing quality CAD floor plans and professional looking images.

Energy assessors will have their own online account with floorplansUsketch enabling them to upload their hand drawn floor plan sketches for conversion into bespoke, detailed CAD floor plans which are RICS compliant*. The completed floor plans are always returned within one working day and in up to three formats of the assessor’s choice.

floorplansUsketch offers a bespoke floor plan service with users having a selection of over 40+ different floor plan preferences to choose from including colour and 3D options. Amendments to the floor plans can be requested quickly using our great ‘Screen Sketch’ feature and at no additional charge. All amendments, if requested before 3pm, will be returned the same day.

The Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors has negotiated a 25% discount on the Pay as You Go Service, this represents a significant saving for our members which would normally only be available to higher volume Subscription users.

Key features of floorplansUsketch:

  • Quality, cost effective, efficient floor plan drawing solution for energy assessors looking to outsource the drawing of their floor plans to a third party
  • Bespoke, detailed floor plans from just £7.13 + VAT
  • All floor plans are RICS complainant*
  • UK Head Office to provide help and advice where required
  • It takes two minutes to register and start using the system
  • One working day turnaround guarantee
  • Secure debit and credit card payment facility – no messing about with monthly invoices or international payment charges
  • All orders can be tracked online and are stored in your ‘My Floor Plans’ account
  • Communication with the drawing office is quick and easy via the ‘Message Centre’
  • Quick and easy on-screen amendments using ‘Screen Sketch’
  • No monthly subscription fees

 Watch our demo video here: http://www.floorplansusketch.com/demo.aspx

 Important points to note before registering

 Account registration and discount:

To register an account please click on the floorplansUsketch logo at the bottom of the page, if you go directly to floorplansUsketch to register you will not receive the 25% discount when you place your orders. Once you have registered via the IDEA website your account will be tagged with the discount and thereafter you can access directly by going to www.floorplansUsketch.com.


The floorplansUsketch fees are (including the 25% discount) £7.13 + VAT for up to 2000 square feet and then £0.0075 per sq ft thereafter 2,000 sq ft. The 25% discount applies to all prices including any extras such as 3D and colour plans. The discounted prices will be shown in your ‘My Floor Plans’ page next to each job that you submit.

Please note, if you become a high-volume user we can offer the Subscription account at a further discounted rate.

*Please note, full compliancy is only possible if the sketch is drawn in compliance with RICS.