About IDEA

The Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment (IDEA) is a professional body for energy assessors and home inspectors. All of the following are services that we at IDEA can provide to members:

Helps members become better qualified: We do this by providing a comprehensive programme of events designed to help members acquire and maintain relevant knowledge and skills. There is a CPD scheme based on knowledge and skill requirements to be fit for purpose.

Identify the sources of professional advice: There is one set of designations which makes it much easier for consumers to identify assessors who are members of the institute and for consumers to recognise that membership of the institute is an essential part of selecting an energy assessor or home inspector. We offer a ‘find an Assessor’ facility on the website which is available to members, as a route to market. Any one who needs to find an assessor or is in need of an EPC or assessment carrying out can search the ‘find an Assessor’ page for one of our suitably qualified members in their local area.

Develop members business and client skills: The Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment is keen to support members in their business and offers specific business skills courses, meetings and conferences and mini-conferences which take place across the UK and a website containing a wealth of up-to-date information on a broad range of issues including technical developments. To ensure that members receive the support that is relevant to them, there are faculties which are designed to cater for the needs of specialist groups of members, such as commercial property assessors and home inspectors.

Promote the professional standing of members: Membership of IDEA is open to individuals working in energy assessment and home inspection and it is on behalf of their long-term interests that the society will carry out its public affairs activity.

Promote Member Services to General Public: All members are listed on our Find an Assessor page that enables the general public to find an assessor of any type, be that Air Conditioning (TM44), DEA, NDEA, Green Deal etc.

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