Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment

Energy Assessors are the people required fulfil the need in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to adhere to the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive issued by the European Parliament. Amongst its provisions it states that all properties both domestic and non-domestic must have an Energy Performance Assessment carried out when they are offered for sale or rent. Within the regulations are additional requirements where a non domestic property, visited regularly by the public and is over 500 sq meters in area, to obtain a Display Energy Certificate (DEC). Examples are Public buildings such as Libraries, Schools, and Health Centers. If they have installed Air Conditioning with a total installed capacity in excess of 10Kw, an energy assessment certificate (ACEA)should be obtained. This requirement is for all non domestic properties even without ‘Public Access’.

Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate/s is a required document for sale or rental purposes of both a Domestic and Non Domestic property. The certificates are commissioned by the vendor or landlord (or their agent) from an Energy Assessor (EA), who visits the property to collect the relevant data and creates the certificate.

What does the IDEA do?

  • Promotes the professional standing of members
  • Helps members become better qualified
  • Identifies the sources of professional advice
  • Develops members business and client skills
  • Provides a ‘Private’ members forum for an exchange of views, information or leads
  • Promotes members business by providing a publically searchable/accessible website of member’s business details by region and post code.

Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment (IDEA) is the leading professional body for Energy Assessors and other professionals in the Energy & Carbon Reduction market.

Helps members become better qualified

We do this by providing

  • A programme of events designed to help members acquire and maintain relevant knowledge and skills.
  • There is a CPD scheme based on knowledge and skill requirements to be fit for purpose.
  • Maintain a centralised CPD register for Members that Accreditation bodies can utilise to maintain standards.

Identify the sources of professional advice

There is are a number of designations which makes it much easier for consumers to identify assessors who are members of the Institute and for consumers to recognise that membership of the Institute is an essential part of selecting an Energy Assessor. We offer a 'Find a DEA' facility on the website which is available to members, as a route to market.

Develop members business and client skills

The Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment is keen to support members in their business and offers specific business skills courses, meetings and conferences and mini-conferences which take place across the UK. The Institute’s member’s website contains a wealth of up-to-date information on a broad range of issues including technical developments. To ensure that members receive the support that is relevant to them, there are facilities which are designed to cater for the needs of specialist groups of members, such as Commercial Property Assessors. The regional structure is a vital part of The Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment. Regions are run by teams of dedicated volunteer steering group members across the UK. Regular meetings deliver a range of speakers providing motivation, business ideas, regulatory information and technical content. Regional meetings and workshops are available to our members at a very reasonable cost. They also provide an ideal opportunity to network and share thoughts and ideas with colleagues.

Promote the professional standing of members

Membership of The Institute for the Development of Energy Assessment is open to individuals working in all fields of energy assessment and it is on behalf of their long-term interests that the Institute will carry out its public affairs activity.